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The Department of Arts Management operates at the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics in Prague (VŠE).

The focus of the department is to interlink two seemingly unlinkable areas – arts and economy. In the Czech tradition of cultural policy and culture in itself there is a strong believe that economics, its methodology, its different point of view, its philosophy harms the fragile world of culture.

We do not share this attitude. For almost ten years we have been permanently developing interconnection of these two contesting worlds not only through our pedagogical activities but mainly through our scientific activities. We are honoured that we became frequent and trustable partner of numerous public institutions, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic included, which address our Department with various tasks and projects.

The members of the Department of Arts management are considered to be truly respected experts in their academic field, ranging from marketing, media, management an economics to art history, cultural policy and tourism.

The goal of Arts management is not simple – just to raise the best Arts managers in the Czech Republic who can enrich Czech culture and help it to flourish. We will do our best to fulfil this demanding mission.