Arts management got 11th place in the World!

Arts management programme taught at Faculty of Business Administration VŠE belongs among the best in the world. According to the prestigious Eduniversal ranking, it has no competitor in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The programme succeeded in the competition of thousand best world universities, which are evaluated in the Best Masters Ranking by Eduniversal every year. Arts management of the Faculty of Business Administration placed 11th and even left behind some of the world-class culture management departments.

Arts management belongs to the most desired study programmes at the University of Economics, Prague. „When we have founded the programme 11 years ago, many people were surprised. Arts management at the Faculty of Business Administration at VŠE?  I believed in it, just as the former Rector and Dean did. We knew that times were changing and business in creativity and culture was the future. But that we would get to the world top in only one decade? That is what I had not even thought of…, “ says founder of programme Jiří Patočka.

Arts management is focused on education in management, marketing, media, and the economics of culture, which are then combined with culture-oriented courses. Its ambition is to educate students so they can occupy chief posts in commercial, non-profit and government organisations. „Long-term issue of the Czech culture is its management. Either there are economists, who do not understand culture, or theorists, who do not understand economics. Our goal is to bridge that gap. Our second goal is to educate artists in the fields of finance and management,“ adds  Patočka.

Eduniversal is a global leader in academic education ranking. Every year its rankings are viewed by 4 million students all over the world. Eduniversal evaluates study programmes in three areas  – programme reputation, salary conditions of alumni and students satisfaction. Arts management at the Faculty of Business Administration VŠE got the highest evaluation possible, which is 4 stars.  At the first place, there is SDA Bocconi School of Management located in Milan.